Welcome to the Klimahaus

We welcome you to one of our event rooms with an introduction to the Klimahaus with its many attractions. You will learn more about our exhibition and receive guidance and useful tips for your visit, so that you are well equipped to go exploring on your own.

GROUP SIZEUp to 100 people
DURATIONAbout a half hour
COST49.00 EUR per introduction (does not include admission fee)


Science in Focus

A scientist from the Klimahaus will personally welcome you with a short lecture about weather, the climate or the ocean. After the lecture, you have two hours to go exploring by yourself before returning to your guide and asking specific questions.

GROUP SIZEUp to 100 people
DURATIONAbout a half hour (not including questions and answers, which must be arranged before the lecture)
COSTStarting at 89.00 EUR per lecture (does not include admission fee)


Exclusive weather show

What is the climate, actually? How does weather form? And why can meteorologists predict it? In the weather show, you will learn all about hot and cold temperature records, extreme weather phenomena and the effects of climate change on the weather, and you can ask all those questions about the weather that you have always wanted to ask!

GROUP SIZEUp to 50 people
DURATIONAbout 45-min
COST89.00 € per show (does not include admission fee)



Guided tour:

Klimahaus tour

Embark on an expedition through the different climate zones of our planet. Discover exciting and exotic locations along the eighth longitude and feel the differences in temperature and humidity for yourself. On the way you will learn some basic facts on climate change and the inner workings of climate and weather. Experience ‘The Journey’ through the Klimahaus and form your first impressions of the different areas within the exhibition.

GROUP SIZEUp to 20 people (per tour)
DURATIONAbout one and a half hours
COST69.00 EUR per tour (does not include admission fee) extended tour (30 min.) 20.00 EUR extra per tour

Guided tour:

Expert tour

Take a guided tour focused on a specific topic. An expert will guide you through the exhibition and discuss specific topics in greater depth, for example, the weather or the climate. On request, you can also have a look behind the scenes at the Klimahaus.

GROUP SIZEbis zu 15 Personen (per tour)
DURATIONAbout one and a half hours
COST89.00 EUR per tour (does not include admission fee)

Tours for seniors:

The relaxed tour

We offer special guided tours for those of you who would like to explore the Klimahaus at a leisurely pace. Led by one of our tour guides, visitors can explore Earth’s climate zones at an easy pace and have fun together. Halfway through the tour you will stop for coffee and cake at Café südwärts, to discuss what you have seen so far.

GROUP SIZEUp to 15 people
DURATIONAbout two hours
COST69.00 EUR per tour (does not include admission fee, coffee and cake)


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