Organise a festive event or
a business conference at the Klimahaus

The Klimahaus is not only a unique attraction to visit; it is also a unique venue for events and business meetings.

Each of the stations on the journey can be booked for almost any kind of event. We have gone to extensive lengths to create scenes either as very realistic copies or as artistic impressions of the original locations.

This makes the journey areas ideal places for a conference or a seminar with an alternative setting.

The range of options for events and locations is also quite broad and varied. How about a mountain-side festival in the Swiss Alpine meadows accompanied by the shadow of high rock-faces and a genuinely icy glacier? Or perhaps a beach party in Samoa at 30°C with a real beach atmosphere on a fine sandy shore? One could also celebrate in a smaller circle on Hallig Langeness, an island in the coastal flats, while all around the island the storm tide-level gradually rises.

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