Time seems to stand still on the Bywaldalp above Isenthal in the Swiss canton of Uri. Far away from the hectic pace of the big cities and with fantastic views of green meadows and the snow-covered peak of the 2,928-m Uri Rotstock mountain, the Bywaldalp allows you to rediscover tranquillity.

The atmosphere of the Swiss Alps has been authentically recreated inside the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost. Mountains with glaciers tower above you inside the ‘Switzerland’ travel station. Like in all Klimahaus travel stations, the appeal of ‘Switzerland’ lies in its combination of convincing realism and stunning recreation of the environment.

Many of the items in the exhibition, such as the cow bells, are originals that Axel has brought back from his trip. Learn what it’s like to be a farmer in Switzerland in the ‘valley’ and try your hand at milking. Also, get to know the Infanger family, and how their choice of leading a hard-working life is not only due to the alpine climate that leaves them no other alternative. The Swiss pastures contain an agricultural treasure: the herbs and special grasses provide the unmistakably unique taste of Swiss cheese, making the demanding labour of bringing livestock here worth the while.

How climate change

affects life on the Bywaldalp

Have a look at the ‘Switzerland’ travel station and you’ll soon discover that the idyllic mountain environment is a very fragile beauty. Stone and boulder avalanches are occurring more and more regularly. The more Earth warms, the more dangerous life becomes in this region. In the Klimahaus, the glaciers have also retreated considerably due to rising temperatures. You can hear the constant sound of small mudflows – the name given to landslides of rubble and clay – down the mountain slopes. For the time being, the Infanger family is still able to lead its traditional way of life. But will their grandson still be able to lead cattle onto the mountain pastures?


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