Climate change not only affects the living conditions of humans – insects and other creatures are also affected. As a result, when entering the travel station ‘Sardinia’, you will notice not only a change in climate, but also in proportions. You are shrunk to the size of an insect, so you can explore Sardinia’s microcosm.

From small

to big

In the microcosm of Sardinia, you will get to the bottom of an important question: Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? In science, this phenomenon is known as the butterfly effect. Essentially, this means that even a minimal change can have catastrophic consequences. You can test the butterfly effect for yourself inside the oversized drink can that stands in the middle of the travel station.

A sign of the times:

Drought and heat

At the ‘Sardinia’ travel station you will also get to know the Morrho family. The settings in the adjacent rooms are modelled on Axel Werner’s experiences during his visit to the family. For example, one day Axel and his hostess Stefania were driving across the island in a Fiat 500 and, after turning around a bend, they had to brake abruptly due to a herd of sheep. This incident is portrayed in the Klimahaus.

The other settings show the other problems the island’s inhabitants have to contend with, such as fierce forest fires that are constantly getting worse due to the dry climate. Sometimes residents themselves start the fires when they, for example, carelessly throw away cigarette butts. Each year, many hectares of forest, containing trees that are hundreds of years old, are destroyed by fires.

The animal world is also changing due to rising temperatures. For example, researchers have been observing certain locust species, which to date were mainly concentrated in the warmer African climate. Immigrant species are now having an impact on the native flora and fauna.


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