Heat, drought, cold, flooding – all these phenomena, which you have now experienced on your trip around the world, are present along our latitude. Hear from some of the residents of Bremerhaven, who also have something to say about weather extremes despite living in a temperate climate zone. View regional photos that document these phenomena.

Have a look at the picture wall, which displays more than 1,600 artworks from school pupils in Bremerhaven. Your journey now ends where it began – in Axel’s living room. Here you can cast your eye back upon your journey along the eighth longitude and revisit all the memories that Axel brought back from his trip.

The basic concept behind the ‘Bremerhaven’ travel station was to allow locals to paint their own pictures of the climate. It developed into one of the biggest art projects in the entire city. The result: over 1,600 children and young people from a total of 25 schools have created remarkable images that express their thoughts on the climate of our world.

The art project in Bremerhaven has produced pictures that demonstrate, in a fascinating and impressive way, young people dealing with the issues of climate and climate change. Through these images, the Bremerhaven art project symbolises the aims of the Klimahaus: to spread the idea of climate protection and to motivate people to engage in a future worth living in.


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