8° Ost

Whether you are looking for the perfect souvenir, a special gift,  books for children and adults, trendy outdoor and leisure items, or technical gadgets – The Shop “8° Ost” offers a wide range of products.

The shop is freely accessible from the plaza between the Klimahaus and Mein Outlet, and also serves as an information centre for visitors and browsers. The shop is subject to the opening times of the exhibition.


The appropriate decoration for the coming season can be found in the Klimahaus shop as well as other beautiful things - from cufflinks to jewelry for women to handbags. For the products that are sold in the shop, care is taken that they are manufactured as environmentally friendly and climate-friendly as possible.


The Shop "8 ° Ost" is easily accessible via the Havenplaza (the connection between Klimahaus and Mein Outlet), and can be visited regardless of whether  you are planning to visit the Klimahaus or not.

Opening Hours


Month   daily
March to June   12 pm – 06 pm
July to February   11 am – 06 pm



Klimahaus® Bremerhaven

Am Längengrad 8

27568 Bremerhaven


T.: +49-(0)471-902030-0

F.: +49-(0)471-902030-99



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Opening hours


Mon - Fri:09 am - 06 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays:10 am - 06 pm



Opening hours

July to August

Mon - Fri:  09 am - 07 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays:  10 am - 07 pm



Opening hours

September to February


Mon - Fri:10 am - 06 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays:10 am - 06 pm
24 and 25.12.closed
31.12. and 01.01.closed



Ticket Prices

Adults 18 years and overfrom 14,50 EUR
Group/Adults (15 people or more)14,00 EUR

from 9,50 EUR

(15 people or more)
9,00 EUR
Children aged 4 years and underFree
Family Ticket from 33,00 EUR