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Our gastronomy

Stop by during your visit to the Klimahaus and enjoy our wonderful selection of food.

Restaurant opening hours

Daily 10:00 am – 06:00 pm (warm meals 10:00 am – 04:00 pm)

Café "südwärts" opening hours
Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am – 06:00 pm

Restaurant Längengrad

Our Restaurant Längengrad is located in the Klimahaus foyer, between Cameroon and the Antarctic, halfway through your journey around the world. We serve a wide range of refreshing drinks and freshly prepared dishes every day. Our kitchen team draws its inspiration from the nine travel stations.

café südwärts

Our Café südwärts is the ideal spot for a short break during your journey around the world. From the harbour in Cameroon, you can step onto the brightly lit foredeck of a supply ship whose bow is already in the polar landscape, giving you a foretaste of the travel station that lies ahead. In the café, you can recharge your batteries with our snacks and drinks before returning to your journey around the world, nice and relaxed.

Axel's Bar

Axel’s bar is just the place to end the day after a spectacular and exhausting journey around the world. Treat yourself to a refreshing drink from our extensive range.


We carry on with the Klimahaus concept in our restaurant and café too: we endeavour to cook sustainably in order to protect the climate and our natural resources.

This involves:

  • using fair trade products;
  • using resource- and climate-friendly products;
  • complying with social standards in food production;
  • preparing a variety of vegetarian dishes;
  • using regional and seasonal products;
  • significantly reducing beef and lamb;
  • using fresh fish from sustainable fisheries (to MSC standard);
  • using products with recyclable packaging;
  • considering shorter transport routes; and
  • selling certified organic products (DE-ÖKO 039).


Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost

Am Längengrad 8

27568 Bremerhaven


T.: +49-(0)471-902030-0

F.: +49-(0)471-902030-99



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Opening hours

March to June

Mon - Fri:10 am - 06 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays*:  9 am - 06 pm



Opening hours

July to August

Mon - Fri:  9 am - 06 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays*:  9 am - 06 pm



Opening hours

September to February


Mon - Fri:09 am - 06 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays:09 am - 06 pm



Ticket Prices

Adults 18 years and overfrom 14,50 EUR
Group/Adults (15 people or more)14,00 EUR

from 9,50 EUR

(15 people or more)
9,00 EUR
Children aged 4 years and underFree
Family Ticket from 33,00 EUR