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Take control of Earth’s fate at the WORLD FUTURE LAB! Demonstrate your creativity, your strategic skills and your teamwork abilities. Every decision has global implications! Breathe new life into everyday things by making them smart and sustainable, or save a South Sea Island from the rising sea level. How does this work? The entire exhibition area has been designed as a game that can be played individually or as a group, and, quite literally, is all about Earth. You can get to know your personal strengths and test your skills at the various game stations.


Players are put into situations where they must make specific, climate-relevant decisions. Each of the eight game stations requires a different skill set that is relevant to the portrayed situation and related to climate change and sustainable development: saving a South Sea Island from the rising sea level, establishing sustainable networks, manufacturing smartphones and coffee sustainably, or designing your own futuristic urban district. On completion of each game station, the results are linked to successful practical examples.

At the end of the game, you will receive a personal future certificate that describes not only how you did in the game but also your future character type and the role models that share similar skills.


The WORLD FUTURE LAB was conceived and implemented in collaboration with GfG / Gruppe für Gestaltung GmbH. Dr Fabiola H. Gerpott, formerly from Jacobs University of Bremen and a member of the WISE Global Research Network, contributed scientific expertise to the game development.


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