Turquoise blue sea, white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying gently in the wind. This is how many picture the perfect vacation. This is what you will discover in the small island state of Samoa in the South Pacific. This here is paradise. Temperatures throughout the year range from 28°C to 35°C, and lots of colourful, exotic fish glide through the coral reefs off the coast.

Culture and life

in Samoa

The focus of the ‘Samoa’ travel station is life in the South Pacific. Although many will find the island a dream holiday destination, many holidaymakers will also be unaccustomed to the living conditions, traditions and culture there.

During his stay in Samoa, Axel Werner was able to strike up a friendship with locals Vaniah and Foua, who travelled to Bremerhaven shortly before the opening of the Klimahaus to build a traditional fale. Very few trades people in Europe are familiar with the special techniques that they employed. The view from the fale to the lagoon is one of the most unusual and impressive perspectives that the Klimahaus has to offer.


Anyone who has savoured the view of this South Pacific paradise will understand why it is so worthy of protection.

The threat

to paradise

This jewel at the other side of the world is in danger. Climate change has already left alarming traces in the South Pacific. There are already many reasons to believe that this paradise will be lost forever if concrete measures for climate protection are not taken soon. Although the Klimahaus is not primarily about drama, you will find alarming signals of threats due to climate change in the ‘Samoa’ travel station: the electrical tower with its fallen power cables is a symbol for the increasing number of tropical cyclones that have hit the island state since the 1980s, causing enormous amounts of damage. The proximity of water to the base of the church illustrates the threat of flooding that the island is exposed to. Climate change has even taken its toll below the water’s surface: even an increase in the ocean water’s temperature by a few tenths of a degree places the sensitive ecosystems of the coral reefs in danger. If these die, Samoa will not only lose the unique biodiversity of the reefs, but also its natural defence against storm tides.


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