Discover the adventure of offshore wind energy! Find out how an offshore wind farm is developed – from initial concept to implementation – at the 300-m2 ‘Offshore Center. Sea – Wind – Energy’. Embark on this impressive journey and learn about the characteristics, challenges and prospects of offshore wind farms.


The Offshore Center unites the five topics: vision, engineering, production, offshore and facts and figures. Each of these areas tackles an aspect of a wind farm’s development process in an exciting and informative manner. A special feature is that you can fly over the sea to the large offshore wind farms in a helicopter simulator.


The Offshore Center was initiated by Alter/Neuer Hafen BEAN, a development company in Bremerhaven, and implemented at the Klimahaus with funds from the state of Bremen and the European Union, and the support of the wind power industry.

Board the flight as a passenger and enjoy the unique view at the Klimahaus for just 2.00 EUR. The simulator is in operation from Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm from Saturday to Sunday and on holiday.

More than

a slight breeze!

Strong winds blow through the streets of Bremerhaven. Even more so on the high seas, ensuring that an offshore wind turbine generates twice as much energy as one on land.

But building a wind farm with 80 turbines far out in the sea, supplying 445,000 households with renewable electricity, is complex: special ships set the foundations and install the wind turbines, which are then serviced regularly and quickly repaired if necessary. But it is worth the effort: the offshore wind power industry has developed into an innovative and sustainable industry that creates demanding jobs that are not limited to the coastal regions.

Exciting in every

sense of the word

Offshore wind energy is fascinating: nowhere in Europe can you get as close to it as in Bremerhaven, which has become a leading industry location in recent years. Turbine manufacturers are just as prevalent here as wind-farm operators, suppliers and specialised research institutes. The Offshore Center in the Klimahaus Bremerhaven makes every aspect of this unique technology perceptible to all senses.

Find out how many people work together to ensure the success of offshore wind energy. Assume the role of a service technician on the high seas, get to know the people of Bremerhaven involved in offshore production or listen to the engineers discuss the complex construction of a wind farm. Have a look behind the scenes and get ready for a sensory experience – from the huge components to the simulated helicopter flight.


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