The green gold of Africa – this is how the rainforest, which stretches over large swathes of Cameroon, has been described. The huge and ancient trees form the oldest primeval jungle in Africa. Some of these trees have survived every ice age. You can roam this jungle at night at the ‘Cameroon’ travel station: listen to the sounds of animals in the darkness, as well as the trickles of water and the drops of rain during thunder and lightning storms. Behind the labyrinth of roots, branches and twigs, the shy inhabitants of the forest await you.

Water everywhere

In addition to the jungle, another aspect of life has a special significance for the local population: water. You can hear the sound of rain on the tin roofs in the village of Ikenge. On a big screen, you can see children dancing freely in the rain to the sound and rhythms of drums.


The roles inside the village are strictly demarcated: the men are responsible for hunting and for the security of the village, while the women take care of the children and the affairs of the village. Each village also has its own ‘chief’. Alexander is the chief in Ikenge. You could call him the mayor and he has the last word on all decisions. At the same time, he is also a kind of doctor and has much knowledge about the natural remedies of the rainforest.

Enormous amounts of water pour through the river landscape, in which hundreds of fish bustle. On the other side dwarf crocodiles are lazing about on the shore. After passing through the nocturnal rainforest, the second challenge awaits you: Do you dare walk across the shaky suspension bridge all the way to the other side? During his stay in Cameroon, Axel Werner had no other choice. The bridge was the only connection to the other side of the river. All other features of the travel station have also been based on the adventures of Axel Werner. For example, you will find a Nile monitor lizard sitting next to the off-road vehicle that Axel and his experienced driving companion used to drive through the jungles of Cameroon.

Endangered diversity

The unique diversity of animals and wildlife in the rainforest remains threatened. The Klimahaus ‘Cameroon’ travel station highlights this with the brutal sound of chainsaws and images of trees falling to the ground.


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