Feeding the animals

at the Klimahaus

The numerous animals at the Klimahaus also have to eat from time to time. The following table lists the feeding times and places for the various animals.

Max. Duration
Monday2:00 p.m.15 min.

Feeding the monitor lizards

Monitor lizard terrarium
Tuesday11:00 a.m.30 min.

Dive including feeding

Samoan deep sea
Wednesday2:00 p.m.15 min.

Presentation of insects and arachnids

Village in Cameroon
Friday11:00 a.m.30 min.

Dive including feeding

Samoan deep sea
Saturday12:00 p.m.20 min.

Feeding in the lagoon

Samoan lagoon
Sunday11:00 a.m.20 min.Feeding in the river landscapeCameroon river landscape


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