Experience a
breathtaking journey
through the climate
zones of the earth!

Journey around the world.
Welcome to the Klimahaus.

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven is a mixture between a science center and theme park. It shows a unique world of weather, climate and climate-change knowledge and experience, also making it a climate museum. Travel the world along the eighth longitude and experience the earth’s climate zones close up – exciting and spectacular.

You will cross five continents and nine locations. You will sweat, freeze, marvel and laugh, and above all, meet people from around the world who will talk about their everyday lives and describe how the climate affects them.

The best at
a glance.

  • Führung Gruppe

    Information for
    tour operators

    The Klimahaus offers a special service for tour operators, as we are more than happy to help you plan your trip.

  • Schulkinder


    As an extracurricular place of learning, the Klimahaus provides the opportunity to actively engage with the causes and consequences of climate change. Here, your class trip becomes a journey around world!

  • Our
    opening hours

    10 am – 06 pm
    Shop 8° Ost
    11 am – 06 pm
    10 am – 05 pm
    (warm meals until 4 pm)
    *January 1st
    September 9th
    December 24th + 25th + 31st
  • Event

    Conference and
    celebration specials

    The Klimahaus offers a perfect location for every occasion. How about a beach party in the South Pacific? Or perhaps you would like to have a festival in the Alps? One could even take a culinary journey around the world. Whatever the event, the Klimahaus offers a special setting!

  • Tips for
    your visit

    • Validity of your ticket
    • Proper clothing
    • Rucksacks, bags and coats
    • Photographs
    • Pets
    • Security
    • Accessibility
    • Visiting the exhibition with children
    • If you feel hungry
    • Animals in the exhibition
    • Animal feedings
    • Lighting
    • Recommendation for the best time to visit
  • Gruppe


    The Klimahaus Bremerhaven is an ideal destination for groups, clubs, and societies. Experience it for yourself!

  • Außenansicht Klimahaus
    Klimahaus Bremerhaven
    The journey you will never forget
  • Ausstellung Niger
    Water is life
    In the scorching desert
  • South sea island Samoa
    Coral reefs and palm trees in the middle of Bremerhaven
  • Access to the stars
    Where dreams really do come true
  • Be at eye level with the insects
    Sardinia contains a unique microcosm
  • Zelt und Koffer in der Antarktis
    A trip to the eternal ice
    The rattling cold of the Antarctic
  • Aquarium
    Experience the fish
    In large aquariums and water landscapes
  • What happens next?
    You will find out in the "Perspectives"

Your journey to

The Klimahaus is located in the middle of the Havenwelten Bremerhaven (Harbor Worlds Bremerhaven). There are several ways to get here. Our Tips for your visit could also be of interest when planning your visit to the climate museum.

Außenansicht Klimahaus
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