Gambell is a place between two worlds, between Siberia and the Americas and between tradition and modernity. Many animal species use the island as a resting and gathering point. For thousands of years living the inhabitants of the island - the Yupik - from seal hunting and whaling. In the Bering Strait, on the edge of the Arctic, you will encounter a culture that today is in a balancing act between a hunter-gatherer society and the "American lifestyle".

With its marked by artistic elements staging the Klimahaus gives its visitors impressions of a world into which scarcely travelers lost, although the width of the Tundra does have a certain charm. The perfectly adapted to this habitat wildlife is barely visible to the naked eye. Also in the Klimahaus, they are difficult to detect; but here it is especially fun to look in the mural painting the shadows of walrus, Swan and Co.. For the Yupik but this could quickly become a bitter seriousness: Who a polar bear in reality comes as close as the drawing, had no chance to escape from the biggest ans most dangerous terrestrial predator.

"They want to take us to hunt the right. The whaling should be stopped. This world let our culture die, our tradition, our history would deprive us by."

Steven and Taylor


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