• Fascinating earth

    Insights into our planet’s diversity

    A journey around the world, always following the 8th degree of longitude. Discover the climate of our planet at close quarters and get to know the people living there!


    Little has more impact on life than the climate. But what actually is climate? Which factors determine the weather? And what exactly causes climate change?

    The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost gives answers to these questions while sending its visitors on a memorable journey around the world. With its authentically designed climate zones, multimedia-installations, interactive exhibits and large aquariums the Klimahaus is a theme attraction of a new generation, also offering seminar facilities, educational programmes, group deals and an in-house restaurant. The Klimahaus plunges you into a multi-facetted world of knowledge and adventure which will inspire and amaze with its installations, exotic creatures and plants, and much more.

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