ECOGA: Effective Cooperation for a green Africa
1st Africa Congress Bremerhaven

Effective Cooperation for a Green Africa

Successful Cooperation for a Green Africa

The 1st Africa Congress Bremerhaven set out to gather experts from German-African development partnerships on sustainable development to achieve an exchange of knowledge on eye level. The attempt has successfully shown that it is possible to gain an insight into the current situation of the main fields of sustainable development in Africa by inviting protagonists from various disciplines and best practice projects to join in a discussion.

In the keynote of the opening Dr. Auma Obama confirmed with her powerful speech, that the motto of “think global, act local” is still valid and indispensable. It forms the basis of all projects that were invited to present themselves within the congress. Her claim to see Africa as a differentiated continent with manifold resources and options was met.

The workshops and forum discussions amongst contributors and participants were fruitful and controversial. Obstacles and efforts were openly talked over and let to new networking in development cooperation.

The cultural event Africa Live! with concert, show and an authentic African market on the evening of the first congress day gave a glimpse of the rich potential of sub-Saharan African culture and the great interest of 500 visitors gave another warm welcome to our guests.

With these short proceedings we would like to give a quick insight into the valuable contributions of the four forums and summarize the workshops. The presentations of most contributors will be made available for download on our website.

We’re hoping to welcome you again in Bremerhaven.

Arne Dunker
CEO Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost
Jens Tanneberg
Head of Science and Education
Africa Live! | Concert, show and party
On the evening of the first congress day all participants were invited to a cultural event in the foyer of the Klimahaus. The concerts and show were open to the public, all in all 700 guests came and mingled, enjoyed music, show, authentic food and a small African market.

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